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FX 3000C central monitoring station

FX 3000C central monitoring station

FX 3000 Intensive Care System consists of bedside monitors: such as the FX 3000, FX 3000MD, FX 2000P and FX 3000C monitor working in a central station mode. Data communication between bedside monitors and the central station is guaranteed by a very fast and modern Ethernet network. This solution enables wide capability of a system expanding further for its needs and its connection to a hospital central computer network.

Besides data transmission between bedside monitors and central station there is a possibility of data transmission between bedside monitors, called an interactive transmission, which allows to remotely view other monitors' screens, and makes the supervision of the whole system easier.

A printer can be connected to the Intensive Care System and a print-outs can be obtained from each monitor working in the network. Also print-outs from the archive of FX 3000C central station are possible.

The possibilities of system configuration are very wide.

FX 3000 Intensive Care Systems assures:

  • fast data transmission between monitors and a central station as well as between monitors,
  • supervision of all monitored parameters from all monitors connected to the system
  • possibility of remote viewing of all monitors
  • many system monitoring modes
  • full (standard 24 or 48 hrs) data archiving from all monitors connected to the network
  • the easy system of adding more new monitors
  • print-outs from any monitor starting from the central station or bedside monitor
  • print-outs of selected archived data
  • full data archiving from the bedside monitors, including:
    • all parameters trend's reviewing
    • all parameters waveforms reviewing
    • arrhythmia analysis and reviewing with searching different types of arrhythmias

Device is CE certified

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